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    Ok, so i’ve rewritten what i was going to say here a few times. There’s no point making excuses and complaining how busy I am. because through all the busy-ness i’ve actually had a lovely time!

    Dylan has bought a house, a wonderful flat in Craighall Park, and we’ve been super busy shopping for tiles, paint, kitchen ideas.. and he is being lovely and letting me have a lot of say in the choosing of these things.. because if he asks me to marry him sometime 😉 then it will be my house too. heeee.

    This is something i’m kind of pushing for.. we’ll find out soon enough if its possible.

    A blue kitchen




    This last kitchen is my favorite, it is the ideal country kitchen. and the perfect blue i think too! Dylan would rather prefer to have something more like this


    with some blue touches as a compromise… He bought me a DeLonghi baby blue toaster. heehee. Even though he had already bought a stainless steel one. FLIP. That is love! I only have this small picture from the internet of it. but this weekend i’ll take some better pictures. Isn’t she beautiful???


    i think so.

    Oh and i was wondering if any of you had any nice home-decor blogs you follow? for some inspiration. All the decor magazine buying is starting to hurt our wallets.

    Thanks. x