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    day of junk and cakefaces


    This was like my one and only favorite from my last spool from my Diana – i think i got a little too experimental and most came out very dark 🙁

    But on the bright side – this was a very happy day 🙂 me and nat were on holiday, buying second hand junksies and wonderfully exquisite cupcakes at deer hunter 🙂 mmmm.. in our elementals* see us sporting our new sunnies and delish treats


    oh and look at my nice birdie 🙂 it fell off my hairclip and its been sitting on the shelf waiting to be fixed.. it needed a little debut* heeehee


    yummmmm.. how pretty are they? and at the top is my most lovely clutch bag in the bluest of blue…


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    For all the Diana/Polaroid loverz

    Alex ann!!! grrrr 🙂 🙂 why’d u have to tell me about such awesome stuff when i dont have any money to buy it!!?? hey! This is the single most awesome…

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    Looloo louise lou lulu’s

    hello hello….. YES!  so i finally got my first roll of film from my diana developed yesterday and this is one pic i took across the road from Lulu (if u…

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    For the love of lomo!

    i am a proud owner of a DIANA! 😀 Yaay! yaay! 🙂 🙂 it is a super special plasticy old school camera that takes super awesome sexy photos.. otherwise known as…