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    New! Zana


    When I was in Cape Town a few weeks ago I popped into the Zana headquarters and got to meet the lovely ladies behind the brand and got a sneak preview of their new stuff!

    Their new range is so much fun, here’s what they had to say about it:

    “We were inspired by an interpretation of pattern in life and everything we love. Starting the organic way, our team worked together sketching and making water colour paintings to bring this all to life. With this new range we wanted to introduce colours and patterns which can be easily paired with existing Zana goodies allowing our buyers to add to their collections. We have developed a range of patterns we love that are bright, cheerful and encourage you to just embrace the fun side of life.

    We have also introduced some new product types to the mix like aprons, placemats and leather base bags. They all make a statement, bright and fun things to decorate life with!”

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