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    My better half

    my better half

    Dylan and I aren’t like normal people. We don’t (usually) go home at 5pm and do nothing, we don’t live for the weekend so we can relax and braai, we’re generally busy with something and we like it that way. : ) We started Hello Harbour Creative co-op just over a year ago. It’s kind of an umbrella brand under which we’d like to launch all our projects. Since then we’ve been doing a lot of photography as well as dreaming up a few other projects, some that are on the shelf and some that are taking shape.

    I LOVE working with him, we come up with wild ideas all the time. He brings the business side and kick ass web/tech skills and I bring the creativity and ability to make it pretty. We really make a great team, and hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to do it full time.

    We’re rebranding our photography business at the moment, and i’ve loved the process and designing cool elements for it. It’s made me realize how much I miss designing and how I gotta get back into it (despite the serious lack of time).

    We’re hopefully going to roll out the new brand this week : )


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    my favorite thing

    my favorite instant so far 🙂 nice afternoon. nice sun. nice face. nice love. nice material. soon to be nice dress!…