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    Ella Anne Lookbook

    Ella Anne_0187

    Earlier this year I was involved in a shoot for a small boutique shop called Ella Anne. My friend Marina and I put everything together, scouted out the location, and I took the pictures (my first time ever doing fashion photography!).

    Jess & Tiff were our amazing models. Maria De Vos did the hair and makeup and Marina did the styling and art directing. A huge thanks also goes to Tim who helped out with lighting.

    I’ve put off sharing these pictures for a while as they were only ready in the winter months and it seemed weird blogging about short shorts and dresses, but now that we’re pretty much into full blown summer it seems more appropriate.

    I have to say I have newfound respect for fashion photographers, it’s really not as easy as it looks! The light faded so quickly and the whole thing was pretty stressful but I learnt so much in the process and will do everything a lot different next time.

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