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    New! Living room update

    Sedgwicks & Emmajanenation Vase DIY

    It’s taken a while to get our lounge to exactly how we want it. When we moved in our furniture felt a little bit odd in the new space and slowly we’ve been chopping and changing, trying to get new things to fit into the random spaces and make it more cozy (as it’s the place we entertain and spend most of our time).

    It’s our first proper winter here and we’ve realised how freezing our house is. The wooden floors help, but it’s quite an old house so there’s a few sneaky spaces that let the cold air in. So, with Sedgwicks, the challenge was set to warm up the lounge (Gotta start somewhere). So firstly we got our anthracite fire place working again. It was missing a few pieces, and had a big hole in it so we got some guys in to fix it up and it works like a charm now. It takes a while to get started but it really warms up the room.

    Next I wanted to change up the decor a bit, if you look at what it was it was pretty cold and uninviting. I want people to be able to sit on the floor and lounge around after dinner, and this space just wasn’t working. So I got a rug (finally!), a few extra things to sit on (how great is that wooden stomper? This was my Weylandts splurge but I just loved the character in the shape and grain). I also got some cozy throws and cushions and a few other key items.

    I wanted to pick up on a few of the seasons trends without going overboard. So I collected some lovely glassware and scientific apparatus from all over, and even used a used a Sedgwick’s 2L jug/bottle which works so well as a vase in it’s after life.

    Another trend I love is indoor plants! I don’t think I went as crazy as I could have here but I chose some nice bright green, leafy plants to bring a little of the outdoors indoors and to make the place still feel fresh without feeling cold. Also appropriately with the Harbour name, I had to incorporate some nauticalness. I got my ship mirror from the Milnerton market on our last trip to CT, and the lovely anchor cushions are from Zana.

    Here is the video of it allll coming together! What do you think?! I’m pretty smitten with the results. It feels a bit more “finished” if you know what I mean :).

    Sedgwicks bottle DIY time.

    After our Sedgwicks hike a few weeks ago I realised how awesome the 2L jug is. It’s got a very old school shape and I thought it would work well as a vase. I’m the type of person who hates throwing away glass bottles and jam jars and will always find a second life for them. So for this DIY all you need is an empty Sedgwicks 2L bottle, hot water and soap. It’s that easy. Soak off the labels. Add some fresh flowers and water.

     Before and After

    I also had this grand idea to make a vinyl sticker that would convert the vase into a scientific jar with measurements, but apparently you can’t print a white vinyl? (So above is my photo shop attempt as to what it would have looked like – anyone know where I can do this sort of thing?).

    (This Warm up your lounge post is brought to you by Sedgwicks Old Brown. Check out their facebook page for an amazing competition where you can win a weekend away for you and 5 friends to one of 3 luxury camping destinations! One of them is the Old Mac Daddy! – One of my favourite hotels!)

    Edit: So where’s everything from:

    Weylandts: Striped Rug, Wooden stool, Eye test cushion, Ombre throw, woven basket

    Country Road: White frames, Grey cushions

    Anatomy Design: Scientific apparatus

    Mr Price Home: Pouf, small glass cake stand, triplet coffee tables

    Ceramic factory: White ceramic skulls

    Zana: Anchor cushions

    Plants: Garden Shop