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    Good Hair Day

    GHD X EJN-007-7930

    My hair is naturally curly and I love it! On brave days I let it dry naturally and hold thumbs it turns out okay.

    Some days it’s beach babe city, and looks amazing! Other days it sticks in all the wrong directions and I look like an ear of corn sprouting silk.

    SO most days I use a straightener to curl my hair (yeah yeah I know it sounds counterproductive but it works), it looks good and it stays looking good for a couple of days.

    I was pretty happy with my curling methodology until my hairdresser used a curling wand on my hair creating soft, boho waves that I feel like i’d always wanted!

    So I scoured the webs I bought the GHD classic wave wand. That very same week GHD sent me the creative curling wand which I’ve used below.

    The curling wands are so easy to use and creative the most beautiful, natural looking curls!

    and so begins a new era of a good hair days.

    GHD X EJN-001-7671

    GHD X EJN-002-7679

    GHD X EJN-003-7701

    GHD X EJN-004-7710

    GHD X EJN-005-7878

    GHD X EJN-006-7919

    GHD X EJN-007-7930

    GHD X EJN-008-7973

    TIP: Be sure to use a good heat protector (GHD has a great one built into their ‘curl hold spray’).

    Below you can see the wand in action. GHD have a whole bunch of these tutorial videos online if you need them.

    Photographer: Sarah Silva (Mint Tea Photography).