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    Grayscale #1

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0006

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0009

    So even through it’s spring/summer and the pastels are pouring into the shops I find I’m still gravitating towards the basic colours. Black, white and grey.

    It might just be laziness but it’s so easy to get dressed when all your clothes go together.

    This is the first part of a four-part series of my favourite monochrome outfits at the moment. From matching sets to one-pieces my new approach is to dress as stylishly as I can while putting in the least effort possible.

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0001

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0002

    As you might have gathered I’m kind of a huge fan of crop tops and high waisted anything this summer.

    I love these Crepe high waisted shorts from Forever New (They’re almost like skorts which are shorts that have skirt like qualities). They’re the perfect length and are so comfortable!

    The striped top is also from Forever New, and with the monochrome look you really can’t go wrong with adding a few basic stripey tops to the mix. I love the length of the sleeves and the zip detail that both of these items have at the back.

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0004

    The hat is from Witchery (who can do no wrong in the monochrome department – 90% of their clothes are black, white and grey).

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0005

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0006

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0007

    and finally the boots (which are still summer appropriate in my opinion… especially if you haven’t had a chance to go for a pedicure yet!) are from Topshop.

    EJN | Grayscale | Look One_0010

    How do you guys feel?

    Monochrome or Colour?

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