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    Sorry it’s been quiet over here at EJN, i’ve been putting all my blogging energy into our photography blog┬áthis week and it’s looking amazing! Dylan built us a new website, so if you have a chance please go check it out and let me know what you think.

    There’s also a lot of new work up (and still a few weddings we haven’t blogged yet). We kicked off our new season (our working season is from August – May – how bizarre) on 3 August and have already shot two lovely weddings (with two really wonderful couples). This season is looking flipping busy but I think it’s going to be amazing.

    These are some sneak previews of the two weddings we’ve shot this ┬ámonth. There’s more on the blog!

    To see the full wedding story video of Lucia & Fanie’s wedding go here. I was fooling around with their pictures and some music and this was the result. It’s really worth the watch ; )

    To see Laura-beth & Gavin’s full wedding go here, and their amazing photo booth here. We’re always trying new things with our photo booths but I thought this one came out particularly well.