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    One year quitaversary

    Lad & Lass / Double Exposure

    I’m celebrating (just over) a year of quitting my job and properly starting my own business with Dylan.

    It’s been a wonderful year where i’ve felt inspired, free and on a high but also stretched, stressed and challenged.

    We’ve worked flipping hard (you’ll notice the lack of blogging at times) but have always felt like the hard work is rewarded.

    We’ve met some incredible people and travelled to places we didn’t even know existed.

    We’ve made a lot of mistakes but we’re learning and growing and challenging ourselves to be better and to give our clients something incredible.

    This was part of an enquiry we received this week and it feels like the cherry on the top of a good year.

    “Hey guys, your photography moves us… I found myself in tears looking at a stranger’s wedding…”

    and I think this is all we want.

    We want to MOVE people. We want to take the way you feel about a person and show you how that looks.

    I’m excited for another year of this. More stretching, more challenges, more moving people and moving ourselves.

    I’m hoping that next year will be slightly more chilled so I can feed Emmajanenation too – there are so many things I want to do but I guess it’s one thing at a time.

    Photo: One from the weekend from Jaco & Lize’s wedding.

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