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    Emmajanenation - Lucky Bread Company, PTA-2

    Dylan and I spent quite a lot of time in Pretoria this week mostly meeting with clients, and in between meetings we popped into the cool new coffee shops on the Pretoria block. One being Lucky bread co which is an awesome marriage between Tribeca coffee and The bread gypsy. They serve a huge variety of coffee based beverages but also to my delight make their own tea. I had two pots of “falling in love again” tea, and savoured each cup. I don’t know what was in it but it was fruity and delicious and I wouldn’t mind another cup right now! Their big sell is also their bread and obviously sandwiches. We had just eaten lunch so opted for a tea time waffle. It was hard to choose between the Lemon meringue pie and the S’mores waffle, but we eventually decided on the latter which didn’t last 5 minutes.

    Can we also just talk about how beautifully designed this place is? I don’t know who was responsible for creating this brand but whoever it was did an incredible job. The amount of detail in each sign and collateral is incredible.

    Also the staff are super friendly and the service was great! Thanks for having us!

    Lucky bread is in Brooklyn Mall by the movies : ) open from 9am – 9pm.

    I hope you open up shop in JHB soon!