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    Kaiki by Natalie Creed

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    Natalie sent me these incredible images yesterday from her new Autumn collection, and I was so blown away and so excited to share them with you. She is an artist with material, pattern and print. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I love the attention to detail on all the garments. I especially love the first look, and the pom pom stockings!

    I’m going to hand over to Natalie Creed to tell you a bit more about the inspiration for the collection.

    “Kaiki, the Japanese translation of ‘Sea Princess’ epitomizes this collection. The ocean and the East are constant sources of inspiration for my designs, and I brought them together to create a playful and slightly fantastical collection. The colours of the ocean come through in the watery greens and blues contrasting with bright corals and yellows of marine life and soft pinks of beached shells. Silhouettes are young and doll like, with petal shaped accents on hems and sleeves. Uniquely designed prints of otherworldly flowers and undiscovered sea beings adorn soft cottons, while illustrated sea sisters are embroidered for textured detail. The feel of the Kaiki collection is quite dreamy and invokes a sense of playfulness and magic within the wearer.”


    Design+Photography: Natalie Creed
    Art Direction: Ami Jessica Hawley
    Model: Tessa Rose Vardy

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