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    Loading Bay

    Loading Bay CT-2972

    Dylan and I touched down in CT two Friday’s ago and the first thing we did, after checking in, was head to Loading Bay.

    I’d hear so many wonderful things about this place, but the one thing that stood out was TRUFFLE FRIES. So we walked from our hotel in Long street, searching for a late lunch, something cold to drink and truffle fries. We followed our little google maps GPS through Bokaap and eventually stumbled into this little back road full of cars and a construction site, and there it was. Such a beautiful sheeny shop window that felt so well designed and fancy, yet laid back. Like the place all the cool kids hang out / hide out.

    We weren’t too hungry so just shared their ultimate grilled cheese sandwich (and truffle fries obvs), but I think I’d like to go back and try everything on their menu. I personally also felt fed by the well crafted interiors, good coffee and the luxury apparel next door. They have whole section just for menswear (I think I spotted one dress but it was over R5k). It was almost aspirational – drink our coffee and eat our food and one day you can also buy our clothes.

    Or if you can’t ever afford their Acne jeans, just go and order a grilled cheese sandwich and soak up the awesome. It’s a very inspiring and magical place.


    First image & Last two images from here. The rest are mine.