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Olympus Pen E-P1


    why I love my Olympus

    I did a review on my little camera a few weeks ago, but yesterday discovered this incredible stop motion they made for it! wow! This is in a whole new league of stop motion! Keen to try something like this one day though.

  • buttons

    can you find a home for these?

    Jo? Found them at hospice (on sale. yes a sale at hospice) and thought of someone who might like them. the bambi’s, the boat and the two little mice are my favourite.…

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    London Travel

    art & museums

    This trip I have to say I got the ‘weary traveller’s legs’ way too often.. too much time on your feet and no desire to walk further, no matter how close…

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    London Music Travel

    Arcades & sons

    On my last day in London I went with a friend to a concert in Hyde Park – The Vaccines, Beirut (who are both awesome bands by the way), Mumford &…

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    London Uncategorized


    We went to Brighton on Sunday and it was mother-flipping hot day so the whole of London decided to go too. It was super busy but a lovely little beach town.…

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    London Uncategorized

    Byron. Proper hamburgers.

    Since I arrived in London i’ve been spying out this awesome place, almost everyday on the bus. and finally went there today with my sis. It’s called Byron and their slogan…

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    nice packaging

    Here are a few things i’ve bought here which I think have such pretty packaging. I love the ginger beer and the Jelly beans.…

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    quick post

    Hello friends, sorry for the lack of posts, been busy doing Londony things : ) shopping at the awesome summer sales and spending time with my family. Here is a really…