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    Create for a cause with adidas

    Hi, I’m Emma and I’m here to create!

    In the last year i’ve become an accidental athlete. I started training at Roark Gyms about 18 months ago to get into shape, and through getting fit, and seeing what my body is capable of i’ve challenged myself, and tested it on the road, on a bicycle and on the mountain.

    It’s a CELEBRATION of movement, and feeling of pride when you see improvements and new personal bests, but it really wouldn’t be the same if I did it all alone, and i’m so grateful for our coaches and the women I get to train with. Women who get me excited about doing things like burpees!

    I used to loathe burpees, now I just have a love hate relationship with them, but will always choose to do them if we have a choice!

    They do hurt, but the more you do them, the better you get at them and the more you feel their amazing benefits all over your body, in all the right places. You can also do them anywhere, without any equipment, just using your amazing body.

    This video is dedicated to the not-so-humble Burpee, and how to make it more fun and more challenging, especially when you involve some friends!

    When I started making this video, it was supposed to be all about burpees but by the end I realised it was actually also a celebration of the relationships i’ve made through training too, and how important they are to me.

    This is a call for you to create too, for something greater than yourself!

    Make a video showcasing your talent and skills in a creative way  (no matter what your sport is), post it to social media, tag @adidasza and #heretocreate and adidas will give away a pair of shoes to charity. Yes 1 video created = 1 pairs of shoes to someone who needs them.

    It doesn’t have to be long (instagram limits you to 1 minute), and you can use your phone or a drone if you like. Just make sure your profile is public so we can see it, and please tag me in your caption or send me the link so I don’t miss it!

    I would love to see thousands of shoes go to people who need them, so get creating!

    The more creative the better ’cause five lucky people will also win the chance to become an ‘adidas creator’ for a year, plus R20k in kit, and one creator will win a R30k contribution towards their tuition.

    Campaign ends 15 October 2017.

    We’re all #heretocreate. Can’t wait to see your videos!

     Terms & Conditions (better safe than sorry!)
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