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    Topshop has landed


    Topshop has finally opened it’s doors in South Africa and people couldn’t wait to get their paws on all their clothes (some people even slept over to be the first in). I went through this morning and was completely overwhelmed.

    The shop is small-ish (if you’re comparing it to the Oxford Street Topshop), with quite a small shoes section (I didn’t find anything in my taste) but there is a full make up bar and a large denim section!

    I found most of the clothes to be very dark and edgy – a lot of gold, black, velvet and studs on everything (!) and I gravitate more towards the plainer items. That being said it is flipping awesome to have the latest stuff straight from London, on trend and will definitely change the way the average South African sees fashion. Price-wise, it’s similar to Zara but I actually found some of the items to be a bit more expensive like the blazers were R1000 compared to Zara’s R599, and the jeans/pants were around R699 (the clothes are very high quality though and definitely worth the splurge.)

    Here are a couple of items that caught my eye.

    The stash.

    What can I say? I love the basics.

    I also bought some of their make up which is amazing (My favourite red lipstick is from Topshop. It’s called Rio Rio and it’s the nicest shade of red). Did you know their make up is made in the same factory as Mac? So it’s similar quality just a bit cheaper ; ).

    Go have a look, i’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed!